OK, wine experts, what is a good one to drink daily?


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OK, wine experts, what is a good one to drink daily?

noobkins | Dec 28, 2008 08:48 PM

Greetings to all, new member here, came from another forum that mentioned this placce

Seeing duck down's post about wine , and the enthusiasm for other questions , i have one

I am also a wine newbie but have been watching alot about it on TV and definitely enjoy drinking

aside from this,doctor's are saying that a glass of wine every day is good for your cardiovascular system among other things

so as someone that has Never had any experience with wines (i mean sure i've had random red wines at times, usually nothing very good) , what are your suggestions for one for me to keep around my house? multiple kinds are fine; i will buy a bottle, drink it over a few days, and am open to trying all new kinds. just need ones that are good for a starting wine palatte and isn't neccessarily for pairing with food but enjoying on its own!

thank you , and as ducker's post, this is for wines at the LCBO only so please keep in toronto forum

thanks All and have a great New Year!

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