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wine ethics question

bwan | Jan 28, 2008 02:52 PM

so i've been getting some good advice in another thread on which champagnes to try. but in my shopping, i've come across an ethical dilemma.

my corner store sells a decent selection of champagne. just a little mom n pop place, but they have veuve and white star.

here's the dilemma: they have one bottle of veuve gold label reserve priced the same as the yellow label at $34.

so what's the ethical approach here?
1. buy it quick.
2. point it out to them, but don't buy it.
3. don't point it out, just walk slowly away.

i mean, i don't really want to take advantage of them. but neither do i really like getting involved in other people's business...for all i know this fell off the truck, or was sold to them mistakenly...

any thoughts?

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