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Do you ever ask to try wine in a bar/restaurant?


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Do you ever ask to try wine in a bar/restaurant?

Soop | Aug 28, 2009 07:24 AM

There's a background to this which will just take a moment; I'm 6', I wear baggy jeans, and skate clothes (hoodies, T-shirts etc.), I cut my own hair, and I often don't shave for about a week, and never close.

So I do wonder what people make of me when I sidle up to a bar, spend about 5 minutes looking through the wine list, and then requesting a sample. I guess it makes me feel a bit ... conspicuous, especially when you do the "poncey" slosh, smell, sip, swallow thing. I dunno. But I figure if I'm gonna drop £20+ on a good wine, I don't want to be disappointed. Especially if there's no way to plan before-hand (girlfriend spent a decent amount on some, frankly undrinkable champagne in the past. It sat in the fridge for about a month until it was clear no-one was going to go near it).

Anyway, do you guys ever request to sample wine? And how do you handle it when it's not want you want? Just send it back and ask to try another? Or does it become rude at some point to turn the situation into a mini wine-tasting?

This would be a good nagging question.

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