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William Douglas Steakhouse - Cherry Hill, NJ

Etcetera | May 22, 200811:49 AM

I was poking around opentable for a Father's day destination and came across the new William Douglas steakhouse in Cherry Hill. I didn't find any postings here, so I checked the menu, which looks typical steakhouse. So far so good...

*** Attention *** wine snob alert *** snooty wine guy opinion coming next ***

The menu also includes their wine list. Although devoid of some dreadful stuff (no Blackstone Merlot, for example), and listing a few moderately attractive wineries, there are no vintage dates on their regular holdings. This sort of irks me and already has me prejudging the place. If I'm going to dole out ~$40-50 for a steak (in the suburbs, no less) I expect that I'll be able to find a decent bottle of wine to go with it. It just seems either ignorant on the part of the folks that run the joint, or insulting that their customers simply don't know or care, and will be willing to pay upward of $125 for a wine that may be from an awful year.

*** Wine snob message ends ***

Has anyone been here yet? I would appreciate a review. Also, can anyone tell me if their online wine list is simply representative and their actual list has all of the appropriate detail?


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