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Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me - Worst of the Worst


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Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me - Worst of the Worst

KaimukiMan | Oct 14, 2013 12:30 PM

Chowhounds like to believe that they know all the best places to go - and most of the time they/we do. But every once in a while either we make a mistake, or are dragged against our will to places that are truly awful. I don't like to 'dis' or 'hate' on anyone, but for a few places, they truly have earned bad reviews.

A few months ago I was at Kam(ehameha) Shopping Center in Kalihi with a couple of friends at dinner time. We decided to give Liu's a try - mostly because we happened to be standing right there, the prices for specials were attractive, and we figured - its Chinese, how bad can it be. We found out. Our first clue was the run down appearance - but hey, I used to eat at Tin Tin down in chinatown. The next clue might have been the service. The sign said "please wait to be seated" so we stood there. after a minute or so we cleared our collective throat. the cashier/hostess looked up from her paper and said "what you want?" When we replied "a table" she said "so, go sit down." and went back to her paper. A few minutes later a so-called waitress came by, slammed some water glasses down on the table and tossed menus in our direction. She then disappeared to smoke a cigarette or three (based on the time gone and how she smelled when she decided to return.) We hadn't been able to decide what to order, so two of us got the dinner plate and one got the lunch plate. More time passed. This was 6pm on a thursday night, and there was only one other table with people. In retrospect we decided they must have been related to the place (otherwise why would they have been in there) No one else came in while we were there. When the food did arrive it was as bad as I would expect from some run-down dive in some podunk town in middle America staffed by illegal immigrants who mostly served food from cans rescued from the dumpster behind a dollar store. Even the rice was bad. Gummy, stale, and cold. Everything else seemed to be suspended in a gooey glop that appeared to consist of cornstarch, msg, and lukewarm dishwater. Literally the only way to distinguish between the pot roast pork and the kau yuk was that one was brownish and the other kinda reddish. Not one among us was brave enough - or hungry enough - to eat more than a few bites, mostly to verify that it really was as bad as it looked. We left a single dollar on the table for the three of us, so the waitress didn't think we just plain forgot to tip, paid our bill, and without a word among us spontaneously headed across the parking lot to McD's to get the foul taste out of our mouths. A McDouble never tasted better.

Anyone else willing to fess up to going someplace they should not have?

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