Wider vacuum bags


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Wider vacuum bags

yddeyma | Oct 2, 2013 03:18 PM

Anyone have any rec's for vacuum sealers that have bags wider than the FoodSaver? I got our FoodSaver as a wedding present and use it fairly often. It works just fine, but my major complaint is that he bags are not wide enough. I like to purchase bulk produce when its in season and make breads, casseroles, pies, desserts, etc. in those disposable tin foil type baking dishes. The problem is, the standard width of those tins don't fit in the FoodSaver bag. Even the disposable pie dishes are a squeeze (bread pans fit just fine, of course).

I tried searching on here, and found a bunch of recs for an older vacuum type sealer from the 80's that will apparently never wear out, but I did not see anything about how wide the bags are. Plus, my FS is working just fine.

As I said, I'm fine with the FoodSaver performance, I only use it about once a month. I just need wider bags (or a different method for sealing altogether).


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