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Little white worms in my morels


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Little white worms in my morels

brooklynmonkey | May 20, 2003 12:18 AM

I brought some seemingly beautiful morels home from a very reputable market, only to discover they were inhabited by DOZENS of little white worms (tiny ones!) that appeared to be happily nesting inside the nooks and crannies of the morels, as well as in the "flesh". I've never had this problem with morels before, including the year+ that I worked prep in a restaurant where morels were often on the menu. (It's only now that I wonder how the heck we had morels ALL the time at that place.) Anyway, in an attempt to de-worm, I put the morels in a bowl, then poured boiling water over them. This helped evict the worms, though some of the morels were still infested--and I felt like I was torturing the morels in the process. I'm wondering if this is actually a common problem with morels that I managed to avoid (or was simply oblivious to??) all these years. I'm also wondering if there is a better technique for de-worming morels should I encounter this rather icky situation again in the future. If nothing else, I'll definitely be inspecting them more closely at the market from now on!

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