White kitchen cabinets---longevity issues, discoloration?


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White kitchen cabinets---longevity issues, discoloration?

erica | Nov 11, 2008 07:07 AM

I am currently planning an expansion of my city apartment kitchen. I currently have white-painted wood cabinets. I like them very much. Consensus seems to be that these can be moved to a new kitchen location with no problem. True? Since the new space will be larger, I will probably have to supplement with a few new cabinets.

Question: My guess is that the new white cabinets will be "whiter" than the "old" (4 years old) originals.

This realization made me think about white cabinets in general. Mine seem to be a bit more yellow than they were when brand new...they are now a very different white than the adjacent white Viking (do not get me started about the Viking..) range.

Do you all have this experience and do they eventually get so discolored as to look really bad?

I do not want to continue with the white theme here if I can expect to have yellow-ish wood in a few years..thinking about having them painted...

How long do your white cabinets remain acceptably white? Would you use white cabinets again? (options might be dove grey..) Is there any attractive option for having two different cabinet materials in a kitchen?

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