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Why does the white bread I baked seem like brioche?


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Why does the white bread I baked seem like brioche?

anakalia | Mar 5, 2013 01:17 PM

First time bread-baker here, and I'm trying to understand the science behind it all, so I can learn what I'm actually doing right and wrong. I tried this recipe for white sandwich bread :http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... .

My final product, aside from not rising as much as I wanted, tastes OK, but it reminds me very much of the brioche I used to buy in France -- not the good stuff from the bakery, but the bagged grocery-store variety. It's not sweet, but the texture, crust and appearance very much remind me of that bread (not of a white sandwich bread!). Can someone help me figure out *why* that might be? I followed the recipe closely, but due to time constraints, and my inability to read the directions, a few hiccups came up which I will mention, in case they played a role:

1. I mistakenly put the salt and softened butter in with the flour mixture that I sprinkled all over the sponge. I then refrigerated all this for about 18 hours.
2. I might have used the wrong yeast -- I added "active dry yeast" but I don't know if that differs from the "instant yeast" called for in the recipe.
3. My dough was not nearly as sticky as the recipe suggested it would be.
4. After the first rise, I put it back in the fridge overnight. For the second rise, I placed in an ever-so-slightly-warmed oven (to get it closer to that 70-80 degree mark the recipe suggested).

Thanks for any suggestions!

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