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Is Whipped Butter Similar To Clarified Butter?


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Is Whipped Butter Similar To Clarified Butter?

HoundDogz | Nov 6, 2012 10:18 PM

I've never seen any question on the net about this so I'm asking here.

Clarified butter is butter is free of water and milk solids according to my research. I do know how to make it so that's not the question.

Whipped butter is whipped to the point that normal air is mixed in with it to make it spread easily. By law whipped butter must contain at least 25% milk fat. Sounds to me that it must contain that to still be called butter yet it seems as if the volume of the original butter is increased which makes less milk fat content because of all the air incorporated.

Okay in a way I answered my own question because it can not be clarified butter because it has some milk fat but it has not much, at least 25% and I'm under the impression that it doesn't get much more than that since makers probably are trying to increase the volume which decreases milk solids.

So it's not clarified butter but is it similar to clarified butter since it has little milk fat. Can you use it in recipes that call for clarified butter?


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