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Still designing my fantasy kitchen here in Berlin for an apartment I don’t have yet. We are looking for a pre-war apartment with no built-in kitchen. I’m looking forward to making my kitchen just the way I want it. When we move out, we will likely be required to remove everything from the kitchen, so I’m not concerned about designing my home to please a fictitious future user.

I like to bake. I make cookies, muffins, breads, pies, and fruit crumbles. I sometimes bake my son a birthday cake, but we are slowly developing a pattern of traveling for our birthdays. My oven is also used to bake chicken and frozen pizza (& once in a while homemade) for my son, muffin-tin frittatas, and the occasional rolltini, lasagne, squash, potatoes au gratin, spanakopita or other veggie delights. Large birds or roasts are not things that happen; I’ve been a vegetarian since 1986; our 2-person household will shrink to 1 when he goes to college, and I’m quite comfortable serving guests the things I listed above or stir-fries, pastas, and other stovetop meals.

So I am thinking of getting a pizza oven, definitely with convection, maybe with microwave. (Right now I’ve chosen not to add a micro to the place we rent and am fine with that). It’s sort of like a toaster oven, but much more. I don’t want to buck convention just for the sake of being defiant, and really don’t want to realize after I’m all set up that there is a thing I’m forgetting right now that really needs an oven, but I can’t figure out why I’d want to spend several times more for a traditional oven.

So please, tell me what a traditional oven is for, and why I’d want one in my kitchen, instead of a pizza oven.

Edit: I’ve been corrected. I don’t mean pizza oven. I mean countertop convection oven, around 12000 cu in, with top & bottom heat controlled separately, goes up to 350 Celsius.

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