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Is there a "Western US Chinese Cuisine?"


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Is there a "Western US Chinese Cuisine?"

Gary Soup | Jun 13, 2004 12:34 AM

A book by this title, published in Taiwan, caught my eye while browsing in EastWind books in San Francisco. Unfortunately, except for the title, the book was entirely in Chinese. Based on the pictures, it was NOT a history of chop suey, nor a paean to retro sweet and sour pork and tomato beef chow mein. It was replete with illustrations of exquisitely presented (and presumably prepared) dishes that would elevate the cachet of any Cantonese wedding banquet. Inside the back cover was a group photo of the 1982 graduating class of an SF Chinatown cooking school.

I hope some who can read Chinese will stop by and check out this book. It looks like ammunition for those of us who believe that West Coast Cantonese cuisine at its best can compete, dollar for dollar, with Hong Kong's.

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