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Weiss Restaurant/Deli and Bakery - Color me conflicted!


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Weiss Restaurant/Deli and Bakery - Color me conflicted!

GroovinGourmet | Apr 18, 2011 01:10 PM

Needed to grab a bite to eat before leaving town, and as we wanted to hit both Trader Joe's and Lee's Discount Liquors on the way out, we decided to give Weiss a try. I'm still trying to figure out whether or not to return.

The food was absolutely marvelous. I went with the Black Mountain Benny, which replaces the Canadian Bacon in a traditional Eggs Benedict with brisket and caramelized Bermuda onions. It was killer, and the chive hollandaise was good a rendition as I have ever had. I also went with a side of coleslaw which was both generous and delicious. My companion went for French toast, and it too was really good... thickly sliced challah, cooked up just right, with plenty of powdered sugar for adornment.

As the menu was daunting given the sheer number of yummy sounding dishes, we decided to place a to-go order for a bit of dinner on the drive back to Salt Lake City. I went with the Sol Rubin triple-decker sandwich featuring brisket, kosher salami, tongue and cole slaw with horseradish sauce. She went with a triple cheeseburger sided with potato salad. While the sides were a bit on the small side, the entree portions were as generous as they were at breakfast, and the quality was just as good. I just finished off the leftovers from my sandwich for lunch, along with the pickled green tomato half, and it was just as good as my first go-round last night.

Unfortunately, the service borders on abysmal, and this would seem to be supported by many of the online reviews I have read after the fact. We entered the restaurant to find it rather busy, with a Wait To Be Seated sign right up front. And wait we did. At least 4 staff members passed by us without the slightest bit of acknowledgement. LAME! Finally snagged a male server, gave him the party of two sign and asked to be seated. He directed us to the one open booth (YAY), but did not escort us. A couple of other servers passed by, again with no acknowledgement. Finally a young lady with a thick accent approached and asked if our drink orders had been taken. We told her no, and she left the table saying another server would come by. LAME! After placing our beverage orders the first server came and we ordered brunch. We also told her we wanted to place a to-go order as well, and she told us to wait a bit so the order wouldn't come out too soon. That would wind up being the only decent bit of service we received.

We placed our to-go order, and told the gal we wanted it on a separate ticket (I was buying breakfast and my partner was reciprocating with our meal for later in the day). Our server was apparently confused as she wrote up my dishes on one ticket and my companion's on another. While not that big a deal, it points to a lack of attention to customers that would appear to be a consistent theme at this place. The server also wrote me up for juice at a dollar more than the Dr. Brown's Black Cherry that I had with my meal. At least she was rather prompt in fixing the ticket and bringing me back a correct one.

Really torn as to whether or not I want to return. Definitely plenty of good looking stuff on the menu that I would love to try, but the service was as messed up as any I have experienced in quite some time.

Weiss Restaurant Deli Bakery
2744 N Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89014

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