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weird film on silicone utensils

Hungry Celeste | Apr 7, 200810:59 AM

I bought a couple of silicone spatula/stirrers, and I'm plagued by an inability to clean them properly. Tossing them in the dishwasher gets off all of the obvious gunk, but I'm left with a greasy film, as well as a persistent odor of detergent. I've tried hand-washing, and it yields the same results. You can get rid of the dull, greasy film if you agressively scrub, then vigorously dry with a rough towel, but I find that these tools seem to retain the scent of the detergent. Has anyone else experienced this? I do realize that a microscopic film of "stuff" probably remains on all of my non-metal utensils, but the wooden spoons don't seem to give off that "Dawn" odor like the silicone.

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