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Weird/Bad Food Related Dates

NicoleFriedman | Aug 31, 201109:21 AM

A thread on dating etiquette had me thinking back to my dating days (which were not too long ago). I've had the fantastic, the okay and the atrociously horrible:} I'm going to list my top worst/strangest... I'm hoping for yours in return:}

1. My ex who early on in dating revealed that he smothered almost all of his food in ketchup, mustard and hummus. Yes, all together. At the same time.

2. The guy who went to a Japanese restaurant for the first time in his life. He was frightened of the miso soup and had the clear soup instead. He thought his chicken terriyaki was exotic.

3. The cheap guy. (An accountant by the way!) He kept telling me he was taking me to a great restaurant. He took me to a hole-in-the wall empanada place. Don't get me wrong; there's nothing bad about empanadas. But don't talk it up like it's a 5 star restaurant:}

4. The control freak. This guy kept picking the restaurants and would not let me have any input. Granted he picked some awesome places but needless to say this didn't last long.

This one isn't mine thankfully; I saw it on the Millionaire Matchmaker. This d****e took an adorable woman out for a meal cooked by a private chef. The chef prepared offal and other goodies that only Andrew Zimmern would appreciate. He was testing her to see if she would be "game". Thankfully this never happened to me!

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