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Weight Watchers Cookware?

kaleokahu | Jan 30, 201207:37 PM

Today I made my annual walk-through of BB&B. Just as I'm typically not impressed with 30-foot-tall walls of spatulae, I'm not usually impressed with their light lines of cookware. Emerilware seems to be taking over, although they do have some cast iron.

Then I saw it... Staring balefully up at me... Less than svelte, almost malnourished. Lighter than a healthy pan should be. With a BMI that only the calorie-restriction longevity zealots would love (and can lift right up to their ends). The hangcard said it all ... WEIGHTWATCHERS!

How did this come to pass? Diet cookware? After having handled it, I can see how one might lose weight from having lost the desire to cook. Anyone here have it?

What's next, Head & Shoulders Cookware?

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