Weight of Sitram rondeau? Profiserie and Catering


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Weight of Sitram rondeau? Profiserie and Catering

ellabee | Sep 13, 2011 02:30 PM

I'm searching for a two-handled pan that will offer a full 11" of frying surface and is at least 3" deep, but preferably no more than 4".

Looking at disk-based choices, a low end contender is Cuisinart Chef's Classic 5.5-quart saute, which has ideal dimensions (30 cm diameter, 3" deep). It would need handle modification, as only the Multiclad Pro line is available in a two-handled version. It weighs about 4lb 10oz.

The Sitram rondeau, either Catering (copper disk) or Profiserie (aluminum disk), of course has the two handles, and the 7.5-qt model is exactly the right diameter, but it appears to be at least 4" deep. Does anyone reading here have either of these pans? If so, how deep is it, and how much does it weigh (without lid)?

Both of these are great pans and still available at v reasonable prices, but I need to know the weights and depth to make a decision. The help of chowhounds is much appreciated!

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