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Weighing v measuring in baking


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Weighing v measuring in baking

rainey | Apr 4, 2010 10:50 AM

I just heard Nick Malgieri say yesterday that there's no magic to weighing ingredients. He actually said it was a great fallacy that it's more accurate. He said that properly measured flour (spoon-into-measuring-cup-and-level) can be simpler, more convenient and completely reliable. He finished with the reason that commercial bakers weigh is because they work in huge quantities and aren't going to sit there and level off 100 cups of flour.

What do you think?

I have a scale and do both. It can be so convenient to keep taring out and adding to a bowl (I use a liquid beaker with universal measurements for the same reason). When it comes to things like peanut butter and honey a scale eliminates the messiness and HOORAY for that! But -- I'll tell you the truth here -- my great aunt from whom I learned to bake dipped into her flour bin and I do that too. I'm not the least adverse to close-enough-and-then-adjust-the-texture in any of my baking. And what Malgieri said about that is that in cooking school someone would cross the room to slap my hand! ;>

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