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Weevils in my pantry


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Weevils in my pantry

boogiebaby | Jun 18, 2006 01:26 PM

I opened a box of elbow macaroni yesterday, dumped it in the boiling water, and heard the telltale "sizzling" noise that told me the pasta had been eaten at. A few seconds later, up popped several now-dead weevils and larvae. I'm guessing they were in the box when I bought it because it was sealed.

Now my question is, should I toss out all the flour based items in my pantry? I would hate for this to spread (happened a few years ago, couldn't get rid of them for weeks). I normally keep dry bay leaves in my flour, rice, etc but never thought to keep them in the pastas too. Should I toss everything and start fresh? Any suggestions on what to do on the pantry shelves -- should I wipe them down with something or toss some bay leaves here and there?

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