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Weeklong spaghetti - normal?


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Weeklong spaghetti - normal?

ErikSatie | Feb 2, 2002 11:14 AM

A friend of mine from work invited the whole crew over one Saturday night to taste his sacred family recipe spaghetti. I was quite excited to try it, even after he told me that he cooked it in his crock pot for 6 days. I guess it's supposed to rid of most of the water and blend the ingredients more compactly.
I told my family and some friends the whole situation and they seemed repulsed by the idea.
Come Saturday, the sauce was more black than any resemblence of red. He never said 'oops, I burnt it' either, so it must've been the right color.
Point is, is that healthy? Normal? Everyone around me said all tomatoes, mushrooms, onions etc would rot by then.
Finished product was okay, the sauce did NOT cling to the noodles at all. I was quite disappointed since I was expecting a family tradition of pride and that whole bit.

Anyone have any experiences with this? My mother makes knockout spaghetti (marinated in wine) in 1 hour. Are there any times when cooking something that ridiculously long is beneficial?

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