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Weekend Duck Project: (1) Roast, (2) Potatoes w/Duck Fat, (3) Ravioli


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Weekend Duck Project: (1) Roast, (2) Potatoes w/Duck Fat, (3) Ravioli

Denis | Feb 20, 2004 12:05 PM

I've been contemplating a tripartite duck plan for a while, and I think I'm going to execute it this weekend. The idea is to roast a duck tonight, use the rendered fat to make potatoes to go with a poached egg for breakfast Saturday morning, and then to use the remaining duck meat in ravioli on Sunday. (This is an experimental project, and therefore I'll be the only consumer; given this circumstance, I *think* one duck should suffice for all these purposes.) Any suggestions or tips on any part of this plan would be gratefully received, but I have a few specific things I could really use help with, namely:

(1) Ravioli filling. I've searched a bit online and in my cookbooks, but haven't found anything that grabs me. I want something simple, maybe Italian-y, but that allows the duck to shine.

(2) Ravioli sauce. Again, I've looked some, but haven't found anything that looks good. I'm thinking some kind of reduction, like with stock and red wine, but am unsure of what precisely to do here. Maybe if the filling is appropriately seasoned, some very minimal sauce would be appropriate? I want something that'll enhance the duck, but not obscure it. So often things with duck fillings seem to me as if they could have been made with anything. Duck stock would be useful in this, but since I'm planning on roasting the thing whole, this doesn't seem like an option.

(3) Rendering the fat. I'm assuming that I'll roast the duck and just collect the fat that's rendered into the bottom of the roasting pan, but is there anything I need to think about here? On some cooking show I heard the host say something like "if there are no dark bits in it, you can just take the fat rendered in the bottom of the pan and refrigerate it for later use." Can one just strain out any such particles, or does this even matter?

Again, I'd appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks

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