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My week of mobile lunches: Big Mista's BBQ, Fish Lips Sushi, Mandoline Grill, and Nom Nom


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My week of mobile lunches: Big Mista's BBQ, Fish Lips Sushi, Mandoline Grill, and Nom Nom

Nicole | Mar 18, 2010 05:27 PM

I use the term "mobile" because in addition to trying out 3 different food trucks this week, I also visited a farmer's market food stall. I thought I'd briefly review my experiences.

I had Big Mista BBQ, which is often mentioned on this board, at the Torrance farmer's market. Had beef brisket sandwiches with bbq sauce, and they were very good. The brisket itself was good but a little dry, but the bbq sauce was just delicious and made the brisket come alive. Will try the pulled pork next time, but alas, they were out of it when I arrived. Will definitely eat this again.

Tried three different food trucks in Santa Monica this week. Fish Lips delivered sushi rolls that were okay but not great...not bad, but not really worth eating. Mandoline Grill and Nom Nom both serve Vietnamese. Had the bbq pork banh mi and lemongrass chicken tacos at Nom Nom. I really liked both the bbq pork and the chicken fillings (which included pickled vegetables, etc), but I could lose the bread and tortillas. Overall, the sandwich was better than the tacos because the bread had much more flavor than the tortillas (although it was a bit chewy), and it had extras that the taco lacked (jalapenos, mayonnaise, etc.). Vietnamese coffee was also good. I would definitely order banh mi there again, but I'd skip the tacos. At Mandoline Grill I opted to get the chicken curry with bread on the side rather than an assembled sandwich. I think something was just wrong with the chicken curry, because it was probably the worst thing I've ever attempted to eat. There was a layer of about a full inch of oil on top...I spooned off what I could, picked out some of the chicken, and then used the curry as a dip for the bread, much like you would dip a bread in oil. The bread was actually great--really light and airy (better than Nom Nom's bread, in my opinion). My friend got the pork banh mi and said that the meat had a weird marinated taste, and that Nom Nom's pork is much better. So Mandoline was a big miss.

In short, thumbs up for Big Mista BBQ and Nom Nom, thumbs down for Fish Lips, thumbs way down for Mandoline Grill.

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