Wedding Registry "Set" - Help needed! (Seeking Cook's Illustrated article as well!)


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Wedding Registry "Set" - Help needed! (Seeking Cook's Illustrated article as well!)

Jadore | Nov 9, 2009 12:06 AM

I just want to start off by saying that I stumbled upon this site yesterday, and already I'm in love with it! You seem like such a knowledgeable, helpful bunch and I'm really excited to start posting regularly.

That being said, I am in desperate need of some solid advice! My fiance and I have a month to finalize our wedding registry before our "Save the dates" go out and all of the major gift buying begins. (Side note: We're both half-Greek and we're having a wedding with 400 people. I'm crying from the stress already!)

We seem to have figured out what we want for almost everything, except for cookware. He's a pretty good cook; I'm "domestically disabled" (his affectionate term for the future mother of his children) and can't fry an egg without messing things up. We're planning on taking cooking classes together, and I hope to one day make all of our favorites, like roasted Greek chicken and his grandmother's "earth-shattering" avoglmenono soup; steak au poivre with a French bistro salad, and sesame beef with Chinese vegetables. Obviously I have a LOT of learning to do, but I figure a sturdy foundation of quality pots and pans should make this whole process a lot easier.

So I I ask you, good people of Chowhound: What are the essential pieces we need to register for? I dug through a few posts on here, and I saw someone say that Cook's Illustrated did an article on this very topic, but I can't seem to find it. Also, all of the posts seemed to have different responses, and I'd kill for some cohesion.

In addition, I'm wondering if I NEED a Le Creuset dutch oven if I get, say, an All-Clad or Calphalon 8 quart pot? And do I need a 5 or 6 quart saute pot/pan if I had an LC oven and said A-C or Calphalon pot? Also, what sizes will be the most practical for two people planning on doing a good deal of entertaining and having at least 2 kids someday? I know I want to register for a Lodge 12 inch skillet, and I found a killer (in my opinion) set on nonstick frying pans to register for:

So what else do I need? A 12 inch stainless pan, and... what else am I missing? Sizes would be SO appreciated! And is it okay to ask for the very pricey All-Clad/Le Creuset pieces in this case, or will the fiance and I just look like two greedy twenty-somethings who don't know the value of a dollar?

Thank you SO MUCH for any input! Honestly, I really appreciate it. :)

ETA: We're registering at Macy's (hence the link above) as well as Williams-Sonoma. And the house we're looking at to purchase will have an electric stovetop. Hope this helps.

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