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Stainless Steel Wedding

Wedding gift advice - involves knives and more


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Wedding gift advice - involves knives and more

MelMM | Sep 5, 2012 12:07 PM

OK, let me start by saying I am the worst gift giver on the planet. Just ask Mr. MM, who has received such wonders as a garbage can for Christmas, and a Spot Bot for Valentine's day. And now I have to go to a wedding this weekend, and I still haven't bought a gift.

So the couple has a registry, and I've looked it over. These are two thirty-something professionals, high income. I'm pretty sure by this time they have spatulas and saucepans, but nonetheless, all that stuff is on the registry. They registered for All-Clad copper core skillets and saucepans, and then for the non-stick versions in the same sizes, because they aren't good enough cooks not to need non-stick. IMHO, if you aren't skilled enough to cook on a stainless surface without a non-stick coating, you sure as heck aren't good enough to notice the difference be All-Clad copper core and the regular All-Clad stainless which you already have... but I digress.

They have registered for a bunch of Global knives. Now, I am kind of a knife person, so I think it would be cool to get them a knife, even though I know some people think it's a faux pas. But if they registered for knives, they must be OK with it, right? I know I can get them a better Japanese knife for less money than the Globals on their list. Also, I've noticed that while they do have magnetic knife bar on the list, they don't have any sharpening tools listed. I'm pretty sure neither of these two have ever sharpened a knife.

So if you've kept with me so far, here's the question (at last): I was planning to spend about $100 but could go up to $200 before the bile rises. Should I just suck it up and get something from the registry, or should I go off the registry and get something that is more reflective of who I am. I am thinking a nice double-sided whetstone, perhaps a book about knives and sharpening, and maybe one decent Japanese knife. I think I could do this for $150 or at most $200.

Time is of the essence, as I have been a slacker and put this off until the last minute. If I go with my idea, vs. the registry, I will have to mail order. I have Amazon Prime, so anything available there would help me out with the shipping. But I am also williing to go to any of the other popular (on CH) sources for knives and accessories, as long as I can get the total package within my budget, shipped overnight.

On the other hand, they have a set of flatware they've registered for and only gotten 6 place settings so far. I could get them two place settings and be done with it. But man, that is really boring, don't you think?

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