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Another Wedding Etiquette question


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Another Wedding Etiquette question

Pupster | May 13, 2005 09:56 AM

With the season of weddings upon us, I have a quandary that could use some learned advice.

A friend of mine was to get married in September. Usual wedding hoopla. So I got her a Le Creuset 5.5 qt round dutch oven as per her registry request. She stressed out and ended up eloping a couple weeks ago. No more wedding hoopla. My question? Should I still give her said expensive pot or should I get her another present that is less expensive?

Now I would like to say money is no object and give out expensive presents all the time, but I'm at that age where I'm giving out so many wedding, engagement, baby, and other various gifts that my present budget has gotten all out of proportion. In addition, I have other friends who are getting married with the hoopla and my sense of equity says these people should get a gift that is a little more expensive than someone who elopes (and thus has no hoopla).

How do you vote?

P.S. If said pot is returned, I would get something for myself (Kitchenaid Accolade stand mixer) so I can't be counted on to make an objective decision.

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