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bgorton | Jun 12, 2003 09:18 AM

I have just read an article in the NY Times about wedding cakes and thank goodness I was born a Kiwi!

In what I imagine is an English tradition a wedding cake, in my New Zealand life, was first a rich moist fruit cake; elaborate and tiered were often characteristics too.

Now I understand the model for the country, Taiwan, that has been my home for 20 years. Elaborate expensive and often tasteless sponges.

Wedding, (and birthday cakes for that matter), were wonderful fruit cakes that allowed a tier to be kept for the christening of the first child, could be posted in pieces to relatives that were not at the celebration, and during the first and second world war were sent to family and friends fighting overseas. They kept absolutely forever to be eaten in small pieces. Yum!

Where did the USA divert from fruit cakes as part of the celebration? Were fruit cakes not part of the Continental European tradition? For that matter how did the descendants of bread loving Europeans invent Wonder Bread?

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