Weber rotisserie attachment q&a

applehome | May 30, 200810:04 PM

I received another direct email, this time about the Weber rotisserie attachment. Here's the q&a:

I read one of your posts on Cookware; sounds like you know what you’re talking about.
So, a 4lb pork roast, how long should I cook it on a Weber gas grill with a rotisserie attachment?

It makes a big difference whether you use real wood lump charcoal, or charcoal briquets. Real wood charcoal burns hotter, but faster and may need replenishment (although 4 lb is pretty small so may be ok with one batch). If you use briquets, they will not burn as hot, but will last longer, so one batch should do it. But the whole point of using a rotisserie is to use super hot heat to sear and create a crust while constantly turning it, so you don't burn any one spot - so I highly recommend real wood charcoal.

I make two piles with the lit charcoal on both sides of the axis - keep the direct center, underneath the meat clean. If you want to catch juices, put the grill back on and put a pan with a little water in it right under the meat, (a bit of a pain to manage the side openings if you need to refill). Make sure that you don't use aluminum foil as it will melt. Top on, both bottom and top vents wide open.

I would start checking the meat around 40 min. It may take up to an hour or so. If using briquets, it will take 1:30 or more. For a pork roast, I'd try to hit 145-150 - much more than that and it will be dry. Make sure you let it sit a good 10-15 minutes before you remove the skewer and start carving.

The rotisserie attachment has been a really good investment for us. Try a boneless rib roast, tied up nicely - it is one of the best ways to have beef.

I'm posting this on CH, as I do with all emails (no names mentioned). The reasoning is that emails are only informative for one person - CH is for everybody.

Hope it works out for you.

I do sincerely hope that newbies and onlookers feel free to ask their questions here. It only takes a bit of time to register and ask a question. While I publish my email here for direct contact and will answer anyone that asks a question, I will also post the query here. The purpose of chowhound is to share and to get divergent views. Someone may disagree with me, and that's ok - that's how we all learn.

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