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Washington Heights food

Beth | Jul 12, 2000 02:21 PM

Marcia (on the Outer Boroughs board) asked: "Does anybody know of a decent place to eat in Washington Heights/Upper (way-upper) Manhattan? I'm sick of cooking."

I moved to the area (160s) about a month ago, and amidst all the unpacking, I haven't had *that* much time to explore, but here's what I've found so far.

Carribean Bakery, Amsterdam between 160 and 161. A limited selection of Caribbean food (chicken, beef in various curry sauces, moist rice and beans) from a steam table. It looks like a bakery with only cookies, but ask for rice and beans, and they open up the steam table behind the glass cookie case. Limited English, but point and they'll give you what you want. Not pretty to look at, but very tasty. $4 for a huge tin container that fed me for dinner and lunch the next day. Somebody mentioned to me that the coconut macaroons are very tasty, but I haven't tried them yet.

El Presidente-- 165 and Broadway. Latin American food (Dominican, maybe? I'm still learning all the different cuisines) in a diner with a fairly English-friendly menu and staff. I enjoyed the chicken mofongo a great deal, and the papaya shake is very tasty. Again, inexpensive for a lot of food. (If you search, you'll find a longer post from me about this place from about a month back.)

Devin's fry place-- 148 and St. Nick. Good, tasty fish and chips, fried to order. Also, shrimp and chips (which I've never tried) and few other limited items. I found this place because a woman walked into my building carrying a box, which smelled incredible, so I asked. I'm very glad I did. $4.50 for F&C.

I had heard good things about Carrot Top (164 and Broadway), but I personally wasn't that impressed. Carrot cake was only okay (could have been moister and more carroty tasting, ratio of frosting/cake wasn't to my taste [nearly an inch of frosting]), and danish were huge and inexpensive (8 pieces for $11), but soggy and so sweet they made my teeth ache. One of the most un-croissant-like croissants I've ever had.

For an amusing experience, you can go to (or order from) Tex-Mex Mexican Food on St. Nick and 163. Brand new place, run by Chinese folks. The food's not even remotely authentic, but they make their own "tortillas" fresh daily (think mooshu pancakes, and you're on the right track). Their spinach Enchi Ladas (that's the spelling on the menu) are made with baby Asian spinach. Their menu (very funny menu) claims they don't use MSG or Laid. Gotta love it! :)

For further up (Inwood, etc.), do a search for an earlier thread on Washington Heights. People recommend a bagel place on 181 (don't go on Saturday, like I did-- they're closed), a Mexican place, an Indian place, etc. And please, please, please, report back if you find any places worth mentioning.

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