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Wasabi...Never Again!!!!


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Wasabi...Never Again!!!!

ChickenAdobo | Mar 24, 2008 12:32 PM

Wasabi All You Can Eat Japanese Feast
668 Silver Star Blvd. Unit 203

Dear Chow Hounds,

I've wandered Toronto and the surrounding areas for great foodie finds, blissfully walked through St. Lawrence Market in search of fresh veggies, happily munched bahn mi on Spadina, slurped handmade noodles in Pacific Mall, and ventured to St. Jacob's for Picards peanuts, but I've never, never ever left a restaurant and looked for another place to feed the gnawing ache in my tummy for lack of food...until last night.

Please do not go anywhere near this restaurant, save yourselves time, money, frustration and aggravation.

I've always believed in giving the benefit of the doubt and trying something at least once.

Our sad tale begins meeting at the accursed restaurant at 7:30pm. My merry band of foodies and I were seated a table beside the door in the middle of the draft. We asked to be moved to a different table and seated a little further albeit still in front of the draft of the main door.

As we sat only one of us had a teacup. 10 minutes pass and no server had yet to provide teacups for the rest of us or take a drink order. When one did arrive we placed our first order and had to request for the missing teacups.

Our foodie group loved to try everything on the menu, however, we were forewarned of a $1 charge for any extra sushi and $2 for any other items ie, soup, that were on the table at the end of the meal. Also for parties of 5 or more, there was an automatic service charge of 10% for gratuity.

Fair enough, we thought, it was practical, and we began to strategically setup our second order of the night. As we handed our second substantial order, we set out to eat our first order of basic fare, edamame, california rolls, tempura rolls and tender cuts of beef sauteed with garlic.

Our initial hunger sated, we waited in anticipation for our second order of yumminess...

and waited....

and waited ...

and waited...

At the 30 minute mark of waiting, the natives were restless and grumpy. Upon flagging down our server, we inquired as to our order. It turns out they had lost our order.

Our server apologized and proceeded to take down our third order and within a few minutes had some of our requests from the third order and for a few minutes was ticking off our dish requests from our third order. Just as redemption may have been possible, the remaining dishes never materialized.

At the two hour mark of this debacle with much frustration, we requested the bill and a manager. We explained that we had been there for 2 hours and had only had a dozen dishes between the 5 of us, in spite of many more dishes having been ordered... When he returned, the bill had only been reduced by 10% and told us that our server indicated that our orders WERE filled!

Not being fed and being called a liar was the straw that broke the camel's back. Upon leaving our cold and disgruntled band looked for a decent meal.

And so dear chowhounds, I kindly advise never going to this restaurant.

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