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The waiter has Peeves?


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The waiter has Peeves?

Chris | Aug 28, 2001 01:40 AM

So, just for humor, I thought I'd add my own particular set of pet peeves as someone who stands behind the order pad.

1.Grown men who ask for "The Little Boys Room" This creeps me out. Makes me wonder if they've membership in NAMBLA.

2.The phrase "Chateau Giuliani" for ice water.
I don't remember if I thought this was clever the first time I heard it but I can assure you now that it makes me homicidal. The real question is will I be bearing "Chateau Bloomberg" next year?

3.Whoever marketed Patagonian Tooth Fish as "Chilean Sea Bass" forever mucking it up for those of us that serve real sea bass only to have it sent back for not being "Chilean" (Jim, this is one of MY windmills!)

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