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Wait staff and hand washing

velochic | Apr 28, 201205:47 PM

Dd and I were out to dinner this past week at a casual sit-down Mexican. We had finished some shopping and were hungry, so we wanted a "quick" bite, but don't eat "fast" food (this is our compromise). This place is usually quick and the food isn't bad. It isn't a favorite, but we like it enough to be repeat customers for the speed/quality factor. Perhaps no longer, though.

Since we'd been shopping, we went into the restroom to wash our hands before sitting down to eat. Dd went first (so we didn't have to lug our purses in there). Then I went in and was washing at one of the two sinks, when I hear a flush and a server walks out of one of the stalls. She walked right on by, opened the door and left without even a glance in the direction of the soap or water. I followed her out (not touching the door handle, btw) and she went straight to a table to tend to her duties. I kept my eye on her for a couple of minutes and (thankfully) she did not end up being our server. I saw her carry several food items from the window to different tables before dd and I got involved with our conversation and I lost track of her.

We were finished eating and on our way home and I was still trying to figure out if there was anything I should have or could have said. It kind of disgusted me, and we're not germophobes at all. I'm still wondering if I should have talked to management or if it was a moot point... I'm sure it happens all the time, but until this past week I was happily ignorant of it in actuality. I don't know if I can bring myself to dine there again.

How would you have handled it?

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