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Wacky Cheese & Microwave Action

Boccone Dolce | Mar 11, 200804:08 PM

1- Select glass plate
2- spread out a pile of shredded cheese (cheap sharp cheddar works)
3- sprinkle garlic seasoning
4- microwave EXACTLY 2 minutes (yes, it almost burns)
5- nudge at it with the tip of your very, very clean fingernail (use a butter knife if squeamish) it should happily lift off the dish it a squidgy, lightly greasy, bright orange sheet
6- Now roll it up, and eat before it cools too much

I think it's odd, but not as odd as when I do it with grated Parmesan. That somehow seems gourmet.

What other weird things are done in a microwave that I haven't tried?

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