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Vollrath display pan for tri-ply roaster?

will47 | Oct 12, 201112:40 PM

I know tri-ply is kind of overkill for a roasting pan, but I've been looking for a large to very-large, not-too-expensive, tri-ply (or aluminum with stainless interior) roasting dish - something that's heavy duty, possible to deglaze in, etc. I don't want either stainless only or aluminum only -- I already have lots of sheet pans and a cheap Vollrath steel-only roasting pan.

I noticed that Vollrath's Miramar line, designed as display cookware for buffets, etc., has some "Food Pans" with handles, which are tri-ply, and priced quite reasonably - I think $65-70 for a 14"x16" (model #49433). Can anyone think of a reason why this wouldn't work as a general purpose roasting pan? Anyone know of anything comparable that's in the same price range?

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