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Best Vodka I've Ever Had


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Best Vodka I've Ever Had

Rochelle McCune | May 10, 2002 11:55 AM

A few weeks ago Michael & I were at the Rosenblum Winery Open House (Alameda, CA). Rosenblum hosts an open house once a year. You get to taste a huge selection of their wines. Its pretty fun although every year it seems to get even more crowded. Anyway, this year they were offering tastes of their brandy, but because of liquor laws, they couldn’t offer tastes in the winery, we had to go around the corner to St. George’s Spirits.

When we popped into St. George’s, we discovered that they were offering tastes of a number of spirits. What could we do but we dive in and taste them all? The standout was the best vodka I have ever tasted in my life. I gave up cheap booze years ago. At home, I stock Kettle One for mixed drinks and also use it for infusions.

But that day I tasted heaven in a glass. It’s a brand new company, the day of the tasting about three weeks ago, they had only been in selling for a two weeks.

Hangar One Vodka. I’ve linked their website below.

We tasted all their flavors - plain, Mandarin Blossom, Buddha’s Hand Citron and Kaffir Lime. The Mandarin Blossom was the first flavored one we tasted. It had a very intense smell, like tangerines and flowers. I thought it would be perfumey tasting, but it wasn’t. It was just smooth orangey goodness. The other two flavors, Buddha’s Hand Citron and the Kaffir Lime were also excellent, fragrant and tasty. The plain was…I don’t have the vocabulary to explain this well but I’m going to try….you know how you want a vodka to be smooth so it doesn’t overpower your mixer? This vodka was smooth but had a distinct flavor of its own that I knew would punch up a mixer, not hide in it. It was almost as if there was a tiny, tiny hint of vermouth like flavor in it because I totally pictured having it straight (martini-style).

Budgetary concerns limited us to one bottle each so I got the Mandarin Blossom and Michael got the Buddha’s Hand Citron.

I really hope these guys do well ‘cause I feel like they are our “find” of the year so far (and it’s was only April, who knows what May-December will bring)!!


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