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galleygirl | Jan 1, 2004 02:36 PM

Because the Co-Conspirater would not go to Chinatown in the midst of First Night, yet wanted Chinese food, I was forced to consider the local (Brookline) choices...... I always answer, "Go to Victoria Seafood, the best Hong Kong style seafood outside of Chinatown", whenever anyone asks, say ,"Whats a good spot to eat before a show at the Paradise?" But I have gotten so damned spoiled, just hopping down to Peach Farm for my seafood fix, that I hadn't been to Victoria for over a year(!)...Time to put my money where my mouth is..

What better way to welcome the New Year than the twin lobster special, stir-fried with ginger and scallion? $12.95 for two chix, hacked up to make chop-stick excavation easy. Minumum of $5 in additional dishes off the entree menu. Well, that's not too hard, because one needs a serving of pea pod stems in garlic sauce to go with, n'est-ce pas? The stir-fry ingredients were fresh, plentiful and flavorful, maybe a pinch more cornstarch than I would have used, but I quibble here. The lobster flesh was sweet, and perfectly cooked; I still needed many napkins, because I do tend to get up-close and personal with our crustacean friends...CC was quite impressed, as someone who considers lobster a culinary challenge. The shoots didn't have the salty depth of flavor that PFS has, but they were full of freshly chopped chunks of garlic, and very low on the grease-level.

CC saw a platter of salt-baked, (salt-fried, salt and pepper, whatever ya call it), squid go by, and his eyes bugged out, so what could I do? (vbg) Their platter was huge, a little heavier on the batter than PFS, but a great level of salty, spicy flavor; lots of chopped Thai bird chilis kept to one area, for the faint of heart...

We also saw live-shrimp in their tank, and eels as well. But of course, one needs (IMHO) a larger party to dispatch an eel, unless that is the only dish one dines on. Tofu stuffed with shrimp, or topped with crabmeat. Sea conch and vegatables, but not yellow-chives (Altho I didn't ask)...Slightly smaller menu than PFS (in terms of exotic seafood), which is still my favorite, but this is so far above the standards of any non-Chinatown Chinese, at least for Hong Kong Style, that I'm glad to see it's keeping it's kitchen up to par...I'd eat there anytime, and it's really beyond reasonable.

There's also a Chinese menu, that may have shown additional delights, but I was clueless. Wine and beer.

1029 Commonwealth Ave. (Right near EMS and the Paradise)
Boston, MA

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