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A Virgin Turkey!!


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A Virgin Turkey!!

galleygirl | Nov 15, 2001 07:51 PM

This should follow the vegetarian Chowhound thread!! I've actually cooked meat for up to 40 people, but I've never cooked a turkey..I'm considering doing it for the beloved next Thursday, but since all I'll eat is the stuffing, it's gottah be a pretty small turkey....Cooking a turkey breast is out, because he likes dark meat. So, I'm sure I'm opening up Pandora's box here, but what's the best way to cook a turkey??? Bonus points for easy--please make me a star!! I don't have a grill large enough, and I don't want to deep fry it. Also have no back yard for the burial option....What's the deal about doing it at a super-high temperature? All I know is that you have to defrost it for like 3 days in the frig, you pull the bag of giblets out, and you rinse it....After that, I'm clueless. I'd ask my mother, but that would bring us to the "Mom's Chowhound Peeves" thread. I have my grandmother's stuffing recipe, and I've looked at epicurious and a few others for options, but I need the voices of chowing experience here; how does a hound do it??? The things we do for love....

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