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Section J | Nov 21, 2012 09:10 AM

This is an email that was sent to the owner/chef which recieved no response.

I wanted to give you some feedback on our experience at your place Friday night.10/26/12

First, the food was exquisite. I was telling my buddies that the pumpkin soup was the best thing I've ever tasted and then you surpassed yourself with the mac and cheese. Fabulous. A buddy sitting next to me was kind enough to share his duck with me and it was equally wonderful. Cooked, perfectly and very balanced with the seasoning.

It was curious to me that our party was seated in the back of the restaurant by the kitchen instead of out in the dining area. There wasn't anyone else in the place and being by the noisy kitchen in that small room was a bit claustrophobic for many of us.

The wine service left much to be desired. The wine list was not up to date. The waitress informed us that our first red pick, an 05 Pinot from the Russian River/Sonoma had just "sold out". She told us that she had a couple of other Pinots but they were not on the wine list. I found that curious. If you have more wines available why wouldn't they be on the wine list? Having her bring two other bottles of Pinot to the table for us to choose from was more than a bit awkward. Also, the first bottle we ordered was the Virginia blush. It arrived at the table not room temperature but actually warm. When we asked for it to be chilled the waitress seemed put out by the request. The Pinot arrived at our table warm as well. Aren't the wines stored at 55 degrees? The glasses the wines were served in were the same glasses that our waters came in. Are these your wine glasses? When customers are spending $50 and up on a bottle of wine they expect to have stemware, good stemware, to drink the wines out of, not water glasses.

I finished my meal with a cheese plate. The first 4 cheeses on the platter were good, the fifth, the blue was extremely overripe. I eat many artisan cheeses that are quite pungent, Cabrales is one of my favorites, but this blue was past ammonia. It should not have been served.

Our waitress was congenial but less than enthusiastic and frankly, sluggish. She did not place an order for the shrimp and grits I had given her when I first ordered. Sadly, I didn't end up getting a chance to taste them. Also, she brought for one of my AA friends not the cranberry and ginger ale he ordered, but a vodka cranberry that someone else at the table had ordered. After his first long sip he nearly gagged. This could have created quite a problem for someone who has a decade of sobriety. Water glasses went unfilled etc When I left our little room to go outside to smoke a cigarette I saw other staff persons in the restaurant chatting, I was confused that they weren't helping since we were the only diners in the place. The service did not warrant the 20% gratuity automatically added to our bill.

Finally, your website is extremely out of date. I had printed for my friends the menu on the site and the prices on the items had risen significantly since they were last posted. The wines available on the website were also not available when we dined with you. I understand that it is challenging to keep up to date, especially with the wines but the list on the site and the list we received at the table were nowhere near close to one another. I know it isn't intended to be deceptive but it gives a bad impression for those that take the trouble to investigate their dining options.

Again, the food was great. The other elements of the dining experience, service and ambiance, were not up to the standards you are setting with the food.

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