Vino Verde (Portuguese Green Wine) Redux


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Vino Verde (Portuguese Green Wine) Redux

Krys Stanley | Jan 27, 2005 11:13 PM

I found this little Portuguese market with over a dozen types of Vinho Verdi.

This is the first time I ever heard of this wine. When I got home I looked up some info on the web and Chowhound.


In this link, Melanie Wong writes ("green wine", meaning green in age and freshness, not color) It seems that this is an old type of wine because the first export of this wine was in 1295 AD to the UK, according to Melanie … and I never heard about it until today. I’m so out of the loop.

The link at the bottom has quite a bit about Vinho Verde, but I still have questions.

Since this wine is young in age, how long does it keep? Is there a season like Beaujolais Nouveau?

If you click on the Brands and Varieties, there are quite a lot of different types of grapes used. It seems there are specific regions as well. What should I look for?

I didn’t realize the name referred to the age and not the color. I didn’t know there were reds and whites. I bought a bottle of Aveleda which seems to be the most common bottle. It is mentioned in most of the posts about Vinho Verdi on this board. Everyone in the Portuguese restaurant I was in ordered it. It is sort of fizzy, like a white wine spritzer (you aren’t getting Melanie Wong here).

The other I bought was another white – Gazela. It was in a clear bottle and through the power of suggestion I thought, ah, I see the green tinge. How pretty. The other bottle WAS green, so what was I to think.

What are some suggestions? What foods do these pair well with?


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