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Vietnamese coffee

alkapal | Jun 4, 2009 02:23 AM

i love vietnamese coffee when i go to a restaurant, and want to replicate that drink at home. can you help me?

what brand coffee do you use? do you grind it yourself, and if so, how fine? do you have a special brewing technique? is one technique superior to another?

what is the right ratio of sweetened condensed milk to coffee? do you find differences in the quality of various brands of sweetened condensed milk? do you have a favorite?

have you ever made this into an ice cream or a custard, like a flan?

and....look at this recipe i found for a vietnamese coffee cupcake! (from the best cupcake blog)

finally, is there an etiquette for serving and drinking this coffee? is it served only after meals? is it served as a breakfast beverage?


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