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rworange | Oct 9, 200906:12 PM

This is not directed at Chow but a pet peeve of mine across the web regarding kitchen tips and recipes.

Why can't there be a text summary? In terms of recipes, why not the text recipe?

This video of de-seeding pomegranates ... why not just say "Cut in half and whack hard with a spoon"

That can't be any more work than the current teaser text "Getting seeds out of pomegranates can be a messy prospect. Wrap yourself in protective clothing and get banging."

Not all of us have connections that play videos quickly. Even if I had the optimal setting, when I'm looking at a recipe, I want to print it out if I decide to make it.

Also, the format Chow is using for videos isn't one that replays quickly Hitting replay is still stop and go for me ... a few unintelligible words and stop and go pictures. Some formats are like that the first time thru, but hitting replay allows the video to run smoothly.

It is fine to observe the technique, but, IMO, it should be a supplement rather than the main event. I have yet to watch a video of a recipe on the web. I just bypass it. I am not writing down the recipe when the same thing can be found elsewhere and can be printed.

I stopped clicking on the Supertaster feature the week it only had videos. Why do I need to watch a slow video about potato chips or whatever when the text is easier and quicker to deal with .There is no value added there.

Also, some of us are at work or places where listening to sound is not a prudent choice.

I am looking forward to the day the web uses videos effectively. A picture may SOMETIMES be worth a thousand words ... but not always.

It is just as annoying as those news teasers on TV ... "City falls into the sea after earthquake ... news at 11". Seriously ... just tell me what city and if it is a big enough deal, I'll watch.

I guess I don't understand why any buisness would choose to write off some customers when being inclusive of everyone doesn't seem like a big thing.

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