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Other guilty fast food pleasures | Mar 10, 2004 10:11 AM

The McGriddle discussion was interesting.... so what other guilty examples of fast-food pleasure are out there?

I have to give time to my ultimate favorite, the Monterey Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's. It is just perfection on a bun. It just all works together perfect -- their great chicken breast that tastes real, the subtle cheese, the sharpness of the ranch dressing, the cool lettuce and tomato (stops to wipe drool from lips). It is the only fast food I could eat for every meal every day that it's the featured item. I'm not kidding... it's typical to have 3-4 or more of them a week when I can get my fix. And it just cannot be replicated outside the restaraunt, no matter how hard I may try.

C'mon.... someone else? Favorite mass-produced, calorie laden, preservative filled guilty pleasures?

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