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James | Oct 17, 2005 06:53 PM

Here's a question for any legal chowhounds out there.

I was early for a Surprise birthday party in Chelsea and decided to stop in at Viceroy where I frequent many times. We opted to have a couple of drinks in their outside area to kill some time.

After we were done we finally received a bill for $37.00. I put $50 down on the table and we began to gather our belongings as we were told to be punctual for the surprise party.

Someone who we had thought worked at the restaurant then picked up our money and bill, glanced at us quickly, and sprinted away and around the corner. It took us a few seconds to even realize what had happened. There was one other couple sitting outside who had witnessed what had happened. We all starred at each other in disbelief.

I immediately went inside and told our waiter what had happened. We waited impatiently as he got the manager... The first thing the manager told us was that we were liable to pay the bill since the restaurant did not have their cash in hand. I was shocked that someone would behave like this - especially considering the small amount of the bill.
He didn't seemed concerned with the fact that someone had just been robbed.

He told us we had to wait to file a police report.

We explained to him that we had to be at a surprise party in 15 minutes. He told us we couldn't leave until the bill was paid. I argued with him that because we had paid the bill and were in the process of leaving it was not our fault that someone had posed as a waiter and stolen the money we had paid for the drinks.

I was frustrated and ended up throwing down another $40 and running out in order to make our engagement.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know who was in the right legally?

Either way, I think the manager was completely wrong as far as business was concerned. I have lived and worked in that neighborhood for over 10 years now. I probably would go to Viceroy about once a month.

Now they've lost me as a customer and I would never recommend them to any other person who lived in the neighborhood. I'd probably go out of my way to persuade someone to go somewhere else.
I'm sure they'll survive just fine but in the end was all the hassle really worth $37 ?

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