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MickFlanagen | May 20, 200808:33 AM

I passed by Vertige yesterday, and being in an adventurous mood I decided I'd give it a shot.

The decor is modern, but it still feels comfortable. I had one of the fixed price menus "menu terre" (the other being "menu mer") which is very good. It started off with a carpaccio of beef, which was very good. It was topped with a small salad, which I enjoyed and even had what I can only describe as a cucumber sorbet thingy on top of that. It was a bit salty for my tastes, but the first time I tried it I couldn't help but laugh, it was so unlike anything I had ever had before. Definitely made me think.
After that came a qualle (im sure im spelling that wrong) confit, with a wicked date sauce. Again, very good, balanced and small enough that it was light, but at the same time rich. I am a bit of a big eater, so I was getting a little worried about portion sizes (the first two were small) but the next item solved that problem. It wasn't huge, but it was big enough to fill me up.
It was a duo of veal. One side, from what I could tell, had been braised and was very rich and covered in a fantastic gravy. The other was a spicy mustard sauce, which was also very good.
My girlfriend decided to go a la carte, and had a bavette (My french isn't that great, but I've looked it up and can't find an english equivalent of this), which she said was very good. Since she started with a salad, she was able to add a desert and coffee for $10. We both had the chocolate molten for desert, which is what was included in my menu. It was absolutly fantastic, again a bit small but extremely decadent. It came with a small scoop of ice cream with a chocolate cookie sort of a thing (but all chocolate, and no cookie).

We shared a bottle of water, I got a glass of wine (there wine list was alright, but only had four reds by the glass) and she had the recommended house martini, which she enjoyed. All in all, before tip it was $110. Not to bad. Normally I would go for something cheaper, but I think it was well suited to my mood.

edit: forgot to mention that its on Duluth at St-Hubert. There webstie is www.restaurantvertige.com

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