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Venice, Rome and Siena in November

hmast | Sep 5, 201111:08 AM

My husband and I will be first time traveler's to Italy to celebrate our 10 year this November. Thanks to everyone for all your thoughtful insight for because of your wealth of knowledge and information I finally have made it to the covetted short list! What a great feeling this is. We will have 3 nights in Venice, 2 in Siena and 3 in Rome. I think I have Venice and Siena pretty well handled. Rome, I have to tell ya was a bit intimidating at first; sooo many restaurants, reviews and chatter.

A little bit about us so you can help me narrrow down my search for the best foodie experience. We are laid back individuals who love food, wine and beer. We are looking to experience traditional cooking as well some swanky fun modern twists on cuisine. We are lovers of the pork!! So if you have any suggestions on menu items that might satisfy our pork lust, let's hear it!

I think I'll start with Rome since I still have some unfinished business there and then end with Siena and Venice. I also have some misc questions I'll throw in at the end for fun.


Lunch Pizzarium
Dinner L'Arcangelo

Lunch Vino E Camino vs Matriciano? Plotkin's rec vs Chow heads? What to do?
Dinner L'Asino D'Oro - I have a note that says Pork Oriented but I can't tell you where I go this information. Any clues?

Lunch Sora Margherita
Stop by Volpetti (this will be our last day, think we'll find some good take home items? If not, I thought about hitting this day 1 so we could snack on some of the treats over the next few days)
Dinner: This is my biggest ? at the moment. I'm intrigued with what I have heard about Glass and Aroma. Also, Guida Ballerino is giving me puase. I want this last night to be a blow the doors off night. I see that Aroma and Glass both offer tasting menus. And that Ballerino has a 6 course option for 65E. Whats the better deal, tastings over courses? Also, just in general, wonder if you had to choose between these 3 which would you prefer?

okay so backtracking to...


Lunch: Bar Paninoteca San Paolo
Dinner: Grotta di Santa Caterina da Bagoga

Lunch: We're doing a private wine tour and I know we are stopping for lunch in Montalcino. We can pick our lunch. Suggestions?
Dinner: Osteria Le Logge

more backtracking to...

VENICE - We love Seafood but not as much as pork. Did I say we liked Pork? :-)

Jet Lagged Lunch Option: La Cantina, Cavatappi, Al Bacareto?
Dinner: So torn here and need some input, Alle Testiere vs Anitche Carampane. I have read pretty much all I can find on this forum and others and I like what I hear equally on both. If you had to go to your grave with a meal from one of these places on your tongue, which would you choose. Yes, it's that serious!

Lunch - Trattoria da Ramono - I've been salivating ever since I saw Bourdain eating Goh Risotto here.
Dinner Al Covo

Lunch - Il Ridotto? La Furatola (not sure if it's open), Da Roberto? I'm leaning towards Il Ridotto
Dinner - Cichetti Crawl
I have a big list of bacaros I'd love to hit. Wish I could hit them all but then again I don't think I'd make the train to Siena the next day. Please tell me what is your favorite Bacaro and why? What yummy morsel must we try?

Misc Questions:
1. I'd love to report back after our trip. I wish more folks would do so. What is the rule of thumb on taking pictures of the cuisine? Is it frowned upon?
2. What is the dress code for places such as Aroma, Glass or Ballerino?
3. When is it okay to share a meal? I thought I read somewhere, maybe Plotkin's book that in some instances it's not polite to share? I'm not even sure I want to share with my husband as I intend to gain 10 pounds on this trip and he would only deter me from my master plan! Just curious...
4. As far as deciphering the menu, do you have a rec for a pocket sized book or a link that might aid in deciphering the menu? I really need to go back to Rosetta Stone. I'm only on lesson 3 and so far at this point, the only thing I would recognize on the menu is a horse, dog or cat!

Il Ridotto
Sestiere Castello,4509, Venezia , IT

Via G. G. Belli 59/61, Rome, Lazio 00193, IT

Sora Margherita
Piazza della Cinque Scole, 30, Rome, Lazio 00100, IT

Al Covo
Campiello della Pescaria,Castello 3968, Venice, Veneto 30122, IT

Via della Meloria, 43, Rome, Lazio 00136, IT

La Cantina
Campo San Felice, Cannaregio 3689, Venice, Veneto , IT

Giuda Ballerino
Largo Appio Claudio,346, Rome, Lazio 00174, IT

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