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I will be in Venice for the first time ever this coming Sunday and Monday, with a couple of friends. I have been reading through previous posts on here for recommendations of places to eat. Thanks to all previous posters!

My particular problem (in addition to us being in Venice in August, and on a Sunday and Monday to boot!) is that I am on the Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) diet for a number of serious medical conditions, which means I can eat no grains (so no pasta, pizza, polenta, gnocchi or rice - sob!), no dairy (so no gelato - disaster!), no nightshades (so no potato, aubergines or tomatoes), no nuts or seeds, no legumes, no onions... The list is lengthy and I am having real trouble figuring out which restaurants might be able to cope with my many restrictions. Believe it or not, I do generally eat out pretty successfully, including when travelling to different countries, typically by focusing on what I can eat, rather than what I can't and sticking to pretty plain fish / meat and vegetables. Regrettably, my Italian is pretty atrocious - which makes me a little nervous for Venice, but I do have an Italian friend who could email the restaurant(s) in advance to explain the situation, so they know that I am not being picky, and that it is a bona fide medical issue, etc. The diet has been nothing short of a miracle for me, so I am very wary about slipping up.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions of restaurants that would have a nice ambience, would have nice food for my friends, and might be willing/able to cook me something simple, a little off menu, if necessary. Restaurants where there is only one set menu option, or where food might be preprepared would be a non-no. A fresh seafood place would likely fit the bill, though it would need some meat options, as one of my friends is not a fan of fish. In terms of budget, we wouldn't want to break the bank, and aren't looking for fancy dining, but would be willing to pay for a higher end restaurant, one night at least, if it would make the dietary issues easier.

We will be staying in the San Marco area on Sunday night (arriving late in the afternoon), but would be happy to venture further afield. It would be nice to eat somewhere with a bit of a buzz / atmosphere, perhaps outside, as it will be our first night ever in Venice. I've checked out a few places recommended on the site, and Corte Sconta is closed on Sundays and Mondays, and Alle Testiere is closed for August. Would somewhere like Estro or Alla Fresca possibly fit the bill? Any others?

On the Monday night, we would be having an early dinner before heading to the airport for 9:00 pm ish, so somewhere near a water taxi stop (perhaps, but not necessarily in Cannaregio) would be ideal, so we could head straight there. Dalla Marisa sounds lovely, but I'm not sure if it's open on Mondays or indeed if it is the type of place that would be up for varying its menu. Anice Stellato is closed. Not sure about L'Orto dei More...

Also, any recommendations for nice little bars selling spirits as well as beer / wine?

I would be hugely grateful for any recommendations.

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