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Has Velveeta changed?

greygarious | Aug 9, 200911:47 AM

I hadn't bought a brick of regular Velveeta in perhaps 30 years, although I'll plead guilty to occasionally using a smaller package of the store-brand equivalent as part of the blend for mac&cheese.

I decided to make zucchini cubes baked with Velveeta and Grapenuts. It's been so long since I was served this that I really can't remmeber the specifics, and was unable to find a recipe. It's in the oven now - used my judgment and tossed zucchini with a little Wondra flour, cubed Velveeta, and green garlic (original may have had scallion/onion, or neither), plus black pepper, topped with Grapenuts mixed with melted butter. The Velveeta looked paler in color than I recall, and with even less taste. I'd toyed with adding cheddar cheese powder, then forgot (I can always stir it into the serving dish if it relaly needs it).

I know, Velveeta is anathema in these parts of the Internet - the reason it works in this dish is that it is creamy when melted and does not overpower the mild flavor of the squash.

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