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Vegetarians and Weight Gain?


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Vegetarians and Weight Gain?

NicoleFriedman | Mar 3, 2011 03:05 AM

I am not a vegetarian myself but I am curious; is there anyone on CH who found that when they switched to a vegetarian diet that they gained weight? I'm asking this because I have a friend who turned vegetarian (not vegan) about a year ago and has gained some considerable poundage. While he does love french fries and pizza I know that is not what he eats on a daily basis. I've seen him eat a variety of food; leafy vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, tofu, nuts, etc. My guess is that he's simply eating too much calorie dense food. I can tell he's frustrated because he wants to stick to it but he needs to lose weight... and by being on a vegetarian diet he's already limited in what he can eat.

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