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Vegetarians: How do you reconcile eating dairy?

globocity | Sep 27, 201309:54 AM

Please note this is not a rhetorical, accusatory question.
I ask because I was a vegetarian for many years and have been a pescatarian for the past five.
Recently though I began re reading about factory farms
(started "Eating Animals") and started questioning my logic of not eating red or white meat but taking in dairy on a daily basis.

I find myself eating cheese daily, almost craving it. I've always comforted myself with, "well at least no cows are harmed" when eating or drinking dairy products.

Turns out, yeah they are. (Pardon me for my ignorance!)
So I'm a crossroads: Do I go whole (ahem) hog and eradicate all dairy--for the sake of being mindful about no animal products--or
should I stay pleased with just not eating red meat, pork, and poultry?

All of my friends eat meat of some sort and I want to avoid in-person, heated discussions about this. Hence my post about this topic.

Looking to pick some brains. Not eat 'em.

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