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Vegetarian Wants to Enjoy Restaurant Indian Food


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Vegetarian Wants to Enjoy Restaurant Indian Food

deeannerenee | Sep 18, 2010 09:23 AM

Let me start by saying that I LOVE Indian food.

So I am perplexed and frustrated that I have gotten very ill four times in a row while eating out at different SD Indian restaurants in the last year. Each experience was several months apart from the other, and I kept hoping that it was just a "fluke" that I was sick after eating Indian food again. None of the other people in our group has ever gotten sick, so there isn't a problem with any of the restaurants; the problem is with me. But I can't seem to ignore the obvious facts: I haven't gotten sick from any other cuisine; and all four times I ate out at Indian food (in the last year) were followed by vomiting (and sometimes diarrhea). Twice I reacted so quickly that I threw up in the car on the way home from the restaurant. The other two times were long nights of vomiting beginning about 2-4 hours after the meal.

I never used to get sick while eating Indian food-- for 10 years prior I have enjoyed the cuisine (I was living in the SF Bay area then). Does anyone know of a food intolerance that would show up later in life (I am 31) that would be present only in Indian food? I have cooked Indian food at home and never feel the slightest bit sick. But my ingredients may not be the most "authentic". I do not have ghee at home; I always use canola oil. Is this the most obvious culprit? I am not allergic to dairy, and have no known food allergies.

The dishes I generally order (I am vegetarian) are: dal, vegetable korma, palek paneer, aloo gobi, naan, samosas, and mango lassi. However, the last time I was sick I only ate naan, samosa, lassi and 1 bite of biryani.

I also visited New Delhi, India in the summer of 2007 for two weeks and ate local food (all vegetarian) for three meals a day and didn't get even slight stomach upset ever. We ate at all manner of places from tourist restaurants to street vendors (never any raw fruits/vegetables).

Please help me if you have any ideas! I really want to enjoy Indian food out (it is my husband's favorite); and I just can't seem to figure this one out.

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