Does this vegetable gardening in a small space article ring a bell?

sarosenthall | Mar 29, 201207:12 AM

You know the feeling --read the article, now can't remember where I read it or find it again.
My best guess is that it was in Gourmet, in 2008 or 2009 (shortly before it closed). But may have been in another magazine since I have looked through back issues of Gourmet and can't find it.

It was about a couple who had winnowed down their vegetable gardening plantings to the very unique things they couldn't get elsewhere or that their family was just crazy about. And they had figured out just how much to plant to produce just the amount they needed for their small family, without lots of extras (there was a lot of succession planting going on), and to allow one thing to be planted after another had matured (or one thing inbetween other things), so that it all fit in this very small space. There was a list of the somewhat unusual varieties they had chosen, and the order of the plantings, and a sharing of why some things had made the cut and others gone by the wayside.

I had thought to myself when I read it, "I want to use this as a guide" and then I didn't mark it or set aside the magazine, and now it has been making me crazy each spring to try to find it.

If it wasn't in Gourmet, it could have been inBon Appetit. I also read Fine Gardening and Fine Cooking and Sunset, so it could have been in those, possibly, but I am kind of remembering how the article read and looked and it had more of the content-dense feel of Gourmet or Bon Appetit..And I am pretty sure it was in the spring. But again not 100% positive of that.

any suggestions would be so appreciated.
with many thanks, in advance

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